Sales Policies

Here is a brief rundown of my sales policies:

I ship from Canada all over the world.

The base price for non flats is ~$7 anywhere else. Flats (paper goods) generally start ~$2.50 and will go up by ~$1 if it's going outside the US or Canada.
I run things on a first come, first serve policy and give priority to commitments over quotes.

I have a zero tolerance policy for backing out of sales; if you're unsure about the total and are on a budget, please ask for a quote first.

I am flexible and open to holds if as long as it's within a reasonable amount of time and you pay when you say you will.

I am currently not open to trades.

Prices do not include shipping OR insurance. You need to specify if anything extra like tracking or insurance is needed - I am not held responsible for lost packages but can provide a receipt as proof that I've sent your order out. With flats, unfortunately there is no record on the receipt of where the package has been shipped to, only that the stamps were paid for.

Haggling is welcome within reason ONLY on items that are specified or marked "OBO", but you may lose the item if you are out offered. I am not committed to selling a haggled item at a reduced cost unless we've both agreed on a price. Making an offer or asking for a quote does not guarantee you the item.

For more details, standard community rules apply for every transaction. Since all of my sales are advertised through pkmncollectors, I will assume that you've read and understand their rules and guidelines as a buyer.

Anything else, just ask. :)


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Whoa, it's so quiet here! How has everyone been? I'm not very good at updating things (never have been) but I'm still sewing. I just moved into a new place a couple months ago; things were pretty hectic with assembling furniture and an Asia trip I had scheduled not anticipating my schedule and I was pretty behind for a while. Things are finally slowing down though, leaving me a lot more time to work on stuff!

I'm just posting here about a finished commission because I've been having a bit of trouble getting a hold of the community member. ;_;

baconscreation/crazygrimerlady, if you're reading this, I've finished Haunter for you! Please PM me asap so I can ship your doll out. (They have deleted both accounts, so I can't PM them. Is anyone friends with her/able to contact her?)

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(If anyone has any of their contact info, I'd love to have it - I already tried emailing their paypal address with no luck)

Previous project + collection rearranging

I never considered myself a blogger, but I think most of it is almost done as a reference for myself and a way of being able to look back years later at my previous stages of progress. I'm happy if others are also enjoying it too though,I think I could get used to this; I used to write journals in a binder, usually nothing personal, but it's a bit of work cutting and gluing in images. It's so much easier when you can just upload and paste in a virtual entry.

So as for being so busy in the last month, I figured I'd show you guys what I was working on for so long, as well as some rearrangements with parts of my collection.

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