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Two plush and one sculpture slot up for auction!

Welcome to my auction page! Up for bids are three auction slots - two for plush, and one for a sculpture. The plush will be separated into two slots, one for a 6" plush and another for a 12"-15" plush. All of my plush are one of a kind and will not be reproduced. Scroll down a bit more to see some examples of my work and auction information. <3



Plush Auction Information - Please read this before bidding:

• The turnaround time of these plush is ~1 month as I'm trying to finish them by September! It might take a bit of extra time to order materials if I don't have the necessary colors on hand, in which case the 1 month period would begin when I receive the fabric in the mail. If there are any problems I will contact the winner, and if for any reason I'm unable to create your plush I will refund you in full. If I've purchased materials and started already, I will only refund half the total amount.
• There will be two slots, the first is for a smaller ~6" plush where you will receive something a bit larger than Gloom's size; the second is for a larger plush, a 12"-15" slot for something like Ampharos.
• As you can see from photos, I love to work with minky! It's likely what your plush will be made of. <3
• I can work in many different styles (chibi, proportionate, cube plush, variety of poses) so please ask if you're unsure. Anything you are uncertain of please confirm with me ahead of time. ^_^
• I've only recently had a lot more time to work on plush, and it's still something I'm getting more comfortable with, so at this time I won't be making any very complicated plush (like Reshiram), but complicated is still fine (and I would encourage this) as I do love a challenge. :D
• Custom made pieces like in Ampharos' jewels, and Swablu's beak will offered for the winner of the plush auction (as long as there aren't like.. a hundred parts lol).
• The plush I make you will be OOAK and will not be recreated under any circumstances.

Sculpture Slot Information:

• I work with polymer clay, and the turnaround time is approximately one month. I have a lot of clay so it's likely that there won't be a wait for materials. :D
• I can work in any style you'd like, except I would discourage making a pokemon in a position where its' limbs may break off easily as it will have an even harder time staying together in the mail. My sculptures are made to be sturdy, but not indestructible. :(
• The auction slot is for ONE pokemon of your choice, in the 3"-5" range; accessories that aren't too complicated and light scenery are allowed. <3
• The sculpture I make you will be OOAK and will not be recreated under any circumstances.

Okay! So now, on to the rules of the auction:

• The auction for plush will start at $50 for my 6" slot and $100 for my 12"-15" slot! <3
• The sculpture auction will start at $40 for a 3"-5" sculpt of one pokemon of your choice.
• Prices do not include shipping and fees.
• All three auctions will end on Sunday, July 29th at 10pm PST.
• Standard, no sniping rules apply - there is a countdown timer but if any bids are placed in the last 10 minutes then the auction will automatically extend by 10 minutes.
• Payment is required at the end of an auction (or a deposit at the very least) - I am accepting paypal only for these auctions. I accept payment plans as well, but this must be discussed prior to the auction end date.

BIDDING IS OVER! Thank you everyone, and congrats to the winners - I will be messaging you all shortly. :D
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